About CUU Design™

CUU Design™ is a graphic and web design company that is owned and operated by Chris Wedding. The project for creating an independent company for graphic design began with Chris Wedding Design in June 2010. After about a year of official business, it was decided to shift to a more professional look and feel. The company CUU Design™ by name was officially created in March 2011.

CUU Design™ prides itself in being independent, unique, and customer-friendly. Continuous correspondence throughout a project helps to ensure the customer's needs are met without miscommunication. CUU Design™ also does its best to help customers decide what they want in their design.

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About Chris

Chris has been doing graphic design officially since late 2008, with some extra years experimenting with it as a hobby. Chris has seen most of his business in iPhone apps and small business websites. He is always learning and adapting his skills using Adobe Creative Suite software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver.

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Specialties and Skills

CUU Design™ offers many products and services with some specialization. Products that CUU Design™ is most familiar with include t-shirt graphics, iPhone app icons and graphics, static html websites, and group logos.

Software used by CUU Design™ includes the various Adobe Creative Suite programs with proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. Additionally, CSS and HTML are well known with the option for Javascript, XML, and PHP integration and customization.

Customer Satisfaction and Fair Business

CUU Design™'s major goal is guaranteed customer satisfaction. Importance of meeting deadlines, fair estimates, and product satisfaction is guaranteed. Correspondence from the beginning of the design to the final design is key in achieving the best design. Correspondence is the responsibility of both parties (customer and designer). The designer will do his best to ask the right questions in order to speed up the process while meeting the customer's needs.

If for any reason during the Design Procedure, a customer is dissatisfied with the work, it is imperative that the customer and the designer agree to terms of either improving the design or halting the project. Prior to designing, a customer must agree to the terms and conditions noted in the Polices. These policies are employed to ensure both parties are treated fairly.