Products & Services

CUU Design™ offers a multitude of products and services in graphic and web design. Common products include logo design, web design, mobile apps, print media, and more. Hourly services are also available for websites and graphics. CUU Design™ does its best in making a unique identity for your company, product, or service. With acces to many creative design programs, nothing is off-limits.

Below is a table of different products CUU Design™ offers with starting rates and other details. The rates correspond to the details of a certain product. The notes for added costs apply to all products in the category.

Product Details Minimum Rate Notes for added costs
Logos Org. or Group
Small Business
High Complexity
High urgency
5+ unique variations
High urgency
Web Design Home page
1-5 Additional Pages
6+ Additonal pages
High Complexity
Dynamic content
Non-design services*
Mobile Apps (iOS/Android/etc) App Icon
Full Interface
Interface Revision
High Complexity
High urgency
Screen Variations
Non-design services*
Print Media Programs
High Complexity
High urgency
Use of Stock Photos
Non-design services*
Miscellaneous Clothing
Anything not already listed

*Non-design services may include content management, outlining, and other preparatory work.

Below is a table of different services CUU Design™ offers with fixed hourly rates. The rates correspond to the service listed to the left. If uncertain whether or not a project would be a product or a service, feel free to Contact CUU Design™ to clarify.

Service Details Hourly Rate Notes for added costs
Web Enhancement Post-design** $35 High urgency
Web Maintenance Post-design** $30 High urgency
Graphics Enhancement Post-design** $25 High urgency

**Post-design services imply that a product has been previously designed and paid for (either by CUU Design™ or a third party) and the customer requests revision or improvement.

If interested in one or more of these products or services, make sure you understand the Design Procedure and the Policies prior to inquiring. Questions regarding either are welcome in the inquiry. Correspondence will be prompt (within 24 hours). It is common for the designer to have questions, so be prepared to elaborate with as much detail as possible about any project. Only then will the designer be able to give his best estimate.

Design Procedure

For every design, CUU Design™ employs a detailed procedure to ensure customer satisfaction and timeliness. In the case of website design, there may be additional steps of collaboration. Below is the procedure used for every design project:

  1. Customer's statement of desired product (e.g. logo, website, app, etc)
    1. Detailed description
    2. Desired design qualities (color scheme, theme, style, etc)
    3. Deadline and urgency
  2. Designer's analysis of product
    1. Clarification/elaboration of design
    2. Estimate (piecewise and total)
    3. Deadline feasibility
  3. Customer and Designer agreement
    1. Deadline
    2. Final price
    3. Payment method
    4. Policy agreements
  4. Preliminary design
    1. Presentation of design
    2. Satisfaction discussion
    3. Modifications (if applicable)
  5. Followup design
    1. Presentation of design (after changes)
    2. Satisfaction discussion
    3. Modifications (repeated until customer satisfaction)
  6. Final Design
    1. Presentation of final proofs and formats
    2. Customer approval
    3. Payment